Judy Loehr

Operating Partner

Judy was employee number 50 at Salesforce, where she was instrumental in the Company’s early product and marketing efforts.  She was also acting CMO at Zuora and several other leading enterprise SaaS startups such as Servicemax and Conga.  A tech industry veteran, Judy has 20 years’ experience investing in and building enterprise SaaS companies from the ground up.

In addition, Judy Loehr is a VC investing in early-stage tech companies with enterprise SaaS and AI products.  Judy transitioned to the VC world in 2014, building a firm in San Francisco and investing in early-stage cloud business application companies.  With Bayla Ventures, Judy is now investing in a new portfolio of successful enterprise SaaS and AI companies.

In her spare time Judy mentors cloud executives, and is the Executive Producer for Makeshift Society – the first-ever tv comedy series about a female founder in Silicon Valley.  Judy received her BA in Economics from Occidental College.