High Impact – examples in action

A portfolio company was looking for key customer contact at a leading global technology company.  Their sales team was not getting through.  We sent an email to a close contact who was an early investor at that company, who in turn connected us to the founder & CEO of that technology company, who in turn connected us to the appropriate decision-maker.  We, in turn, connected our portfolio CEO to that decision-maker.  A Zoom meeting was scheduled, and the strategic fit was identified, and they are now contracting for a six-figure deal.

When a portfolio CEO was trying to sell into a global F500 corporation, they were seeking board-level relationships.  The Spider team and LP base had relationships with several board members, connecting the CEO, enabling them to streamline the sales cycle.

A portfolio company was looking to hire a VP of Engineering but was not seeing as many high-quality candidates as they would have liked.  While the Company’s R&D HQ is based outside the U.S., we drove the candidate sourcing process, mapping the top engineering leaders and providing the key contact info and recruiting playbook.  The Company successfully hired one of the leading VP of Engineering candidates based on the candidate list we provided.

These are a few examples of what the Spider team does every day.